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Posted by help please:) on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 10:39am.

Lydia wants to buy picnic tables, benches, and permanently installed grills. On one page she notices that 5 picnic tables, 10 benches, and 3 grills sell for $1330. On another page she sees that 20 picnic tables, 30 benches, and 20 grills sell for $5550. Finally, on a third page she sees that 2 picnic tables and 4 benches sell for $430. Help Lydia find the individual prices for the three items. Define three variables, write a system of equations, and solve to find the cost of each item. Justify your answer by showing how you solved the problem, and check the solution.

5p+10b+3g= 1330-->-4(5p+10b+3g)=-4(1330)
-20p-40b-12g= -5320
20p+30b+20g= 5550
-10b+8g= 230

2p+4b+ 0g?= 430

im not really sure how to set up this problem...please help!

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