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Heat & Properties of Matter

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A platinum resistance thermometer has a resistance of 10.59ohms at 0 degree celcius and 15.59ohms at 100 degree celcius. Assuming that the resistance changes uniformly with temperature, what is: (i) the temperature when the resistance is 10.59ohms? (ii) the resistance of the thermometer when the temperature is 55degree celcius?

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    i) is easy as that is in the question and is a prompt for the next part:

    As we are told that response is linear the equation for the resistance will be of the form

    y=mx+c or

    R=mT+c if you like

    we are told c in the question (c=10.59 ohms)

    to calculate m

    m=(15.59-10.59)ohms/100 C
    = 0.0500 ohms/C so the equation is


    Now substitute 55 deg C and calculate R

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