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Posted by Sara on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8:09pm.

The Marquis de Lafayette and the Comte de Mirabeau were members of the Second Estate. What reasons would they have for supporting the Estates-General and a constitutional monarchy? Consider their experiences,condititons in France at the time and the state of the monarch when making your decisions. Give as MANY reasons as possible.

Ms. Sue as you already know, i had posted some reasons yesterday; I am trying to find the rest in these paragraphs.

Marquis De Lafayette:

The Marquis de Lafayette was an aristocrat who came to be believe in democratic ideas while fighting in the American Revolution. When he returned to France, he became a hero of the people with his ideas for establishing a constitutional monarchy. After the fall of the Bastille, he became the most important man in France. He eventually lost the support of the people and fled from France to spend the fibal years of the Revolution as a prisoner in Austria.
Lafayette designed the red, white, and blue cockade that became the emblem of the Revolution. This cockade combined the red and blue colours of the city of Paris with the white banner of the Bourbons( the family of Louis XVI). These would at a later date become the colours of the Tricolour, the first national flag of France.

Comte De Mirabeau:

The Comte De Mirabeau was another aristocrat, like Lafayette who became a spokesman for the third Estate. He was a moderating influence on the king and convinced him to accept the moderate reforms of the Assembly and a constitutional monarchy. His death in 1791 removed a moderating influence from the court.

Ms. Sue I am not really able to pick out some reasons from these paragraphs, but If you can, then that would be really helpful.

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