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Grammar and Composition

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capitalize the incorrect spelling:

1. eagerly, economical, ECOMONY, ecstasy

2. effervescent, efficacy, ELABORETE, eliminate

3. FAMILAR, feasible, February, feminine

4. financially, FORMALY, fortune, fundamental

5. GOVERMENT, genuine, gracious, gruesome

6. guidance, gymnasium, gratitude, GRAMMER

7. HANKERCHIEF, haphazard, hazardous, hesitate

8. humorous, HORIBLE, hospital, hydraulic

9. icicle, identical, ILLEGABLE, illiterate

10. illustration, imaginative, immediately, IMORTAL


  • Grammar and Composition -

    11. impatient, imperative, INPORTANT, impossible

    12. IMPROVMENT, inconvenience, indefinitely, independence

    13. industrious, inevitable, INFEROIR, initiative

    14. jealous, JEOPORDIZE, jewelry, judgment

    15. JUSTIFIBLE, journey, justice, janitor

    16. kitchen, KNOWLEGE, knuckles, kidney(knowledge)

    17. LABLE, laboratory, language, laundry

    18. legislature, LIESURE, liaison, library

    19. license, lightning, likable, LITARTURE

    20. maintenance, majority, manuscript, MARIAGE


  • Grammar and Composition -

    They're all correct! :-)

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