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Homework Help: Grammar and Composition

Posted by y912f on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 6:29pm.

please check:

Decide what number or description is indicated by the capitalzied words by using your knowledge about prefixes.

1. Our group sat in a SEMICIRCLE.
half circle

2. An OCTOPUS has _____ arms.

3. Our city celebrated its SESQUICENTENNIAL.
150 years

4. A DECATHLON has _____ separate events.

5. OCTOGENARIANS are people who are in their _____.

6. How often is a BIANNUAL magazine published?

7. The J.F. Max Company celebrated its CENTENNIAL.
100 year anniversary

8. The acting DUET consisted of _____ acters.

9. He positioned his camera on a TRIPOD before the play started.

10. A year LESS than a DECADE is _____ years.


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