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Leg traction is applied to a patient's leg as shown in the figure below. If the physician has requested a 57 N force to be applied to the leg, and the angle is θ = 60o , what mass m must be used for the object hanging from the massless cable?

So < represents angle formed shown at 2 tetra split by horizontal.

leg <--

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    I wish I could understand the figure, but as it is, it looks to me that all the weight added is supported by the ceiling.
    Please explain.

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    You have to make two FBD; 1st for the force being applied to the leg, and 2nd for the mass hanging from cable.

    Positive being up and right.
    Y direction for FBD #2: T= mg Eq 1
    x direction for FBD #1: -F+2Tcos(60)=0 Eq 2
    T= F/2cos(60)

    From Eq 1, m=x/g

    that's your answer.

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