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Posted by y912f on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 8:43pm.

Identify the part of speech for each of the CAPITALIZED words in the paragraph that follows by labeling it with one of the following abbreviations. Be careful to READ THE WORDS IN CONTEXT since some words can be diffferent parts of speech depending on the way they are used in the sentence.

Most people know little (1) ABOUT Antarctica. Antarctica, which means "Opposite the Arctic," is not only the coldest (2) AND most isolated continent, but also the most difficult one to reach. Surrounded by the world's stormiest (3) SEAS, Antarctica is even more inaccessible because of the masses (4) OF ice. In 1907, Ernest Henry Shackleton (5) ORGANIZED a British expedition (6) INTO Antarctica designed to reach the South Pole (7) AND the South Magnetic Pole. Shackleton (8) WOULD LEAD the expedition to the geographical South Pole, (9) BUT (10) PROFESSOR EDGEWOOD DAVID would move (11) TOWARD the South magnetic Pole, the area (12)THAT attracts the needle of a compass.

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