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A guy wire is used to stabilize a utility pole. The wire is fastened to the pole 25 feet above the ground, and staked into the ground 4 feet from the base of the pole. (No stand-offs are used, the wire goes directly from the pole to the ground stake.) Someone recommends that more stability could be achieved by moving the ground stake out to 6 feet from the pole.

a. How long is the guy wire with the present arrangement?
b. How much longer would the guy wire have to be with the proposed arrangement?

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    a) So you're looking at a Right Angled Triangle (RAT) with the two short sides being 4 and 25. What does Pythagoras say about the other side, which must be the hypotenuse?

    b) This is the same question, except with 6 on the shortest side instead of 4.

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    twenty feet

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