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Homework Help: Algebra

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 6:27pm.

I am re posting this for fear that it was overlooked earlier. I have also decided to show my work in the hopes of preventing any issues that might arise.

Solve the absolute value equation.

I y+3 I +5=2y
Would the solutions be 8=y and y=2/3?

Subtract 5 from both sides.
I y+3 I = 2y-5
y+3=2y-5 And y+3= -(2y-5)
subtract "y" from the first equation.
Add 2y to the equation y+3= -(2y-5) which had become y+3= -2y+5
Now, the two equations are 3=y-5 and 3y+3=5.
Add 5 to both sides of the first equation. Get 8=y.
Subtract 3 from each side of the second equation. Get 3y=2. Divide by 3. Get y=2/3.

Hence, y=8, y=2/3.

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