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Chemistry HELP

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Can someone help me with these....I just need to make sure they are right and if not can you help me figure out the right one's?

What is the chemical name of the active ingredient in each item....
1. Tums- calcium carbonate, right?
2. Vitamin C- ascorbic acid, right?
3. Nail Polish remover- acetone, right?
4. Coca Cola Pop- Carbonic acid or sodium bicarbonate?
5. Cream of tarter- Potassium bitartrate, right?
6. Calamine lotion- zinc carbonate or zinc oxide?
7. Lemon juice- citric acid
8. table salt- sodium chloride
9. Fruit Punch Juice (or fruit juice)- dihydrogen oxide, right?
10. Baking soda- sodium bicarbonate, right?
11. Coffee- (caffiene)- 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, right?

Are these right? If not can you please help me? Thanks!

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    Answered below.

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    DrBob222- I didn't get any answers from you? I looked but didn't see anything. Can you redo it maybe? Please and Thank You!

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    Adam -- your question and DrBob's answer are five threads below this one.

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