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Ms Sue design technology

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sorry to post again but could you check if this is right what angel wings kindly suggected.

a product which a designer has thought out of the box
robotic vacuum cleaner or a robotic mower.

  • Ms Sue design technology -

    I'm not Ms Sue! But maybe I can help. Thinking out side of the box usually refers to a novel solution to a problem; so you need to start with the problem. The two examples you have chosen do not have an obvious problem that they are trying to solve. They are not unlike the original Dyson vacuum cleaner which was based on an existing industrial air cleaning system, and then later claimed to solve many problems associated with other vacuum cleaners. Where the Dyson company does have a good solution to a problem by thinking out side of the box is the ball to replace four wheels on a vacuum cleaner to enable it to be more manouvreable [Google 'Dyson ball']

    The hover mower from the 1960s is an example of thinking outside of the box. There was a need to have an electric mower that was easy to move. The petrol mowers of the time that had the single rotating blade were heavy and used a power take off from the engine to move the mower. By making the mower hover using the cutting blade enabled the mower to be electric powered and easy to move.

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