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A stone, initially at rest, is dropped from the top of a building. On its way down, it passes a window that is 2.52m tall. It takes 0.134 seconds to pass the window. From how far above the top of the window was the stone dropped?

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    Let H be the distance from the top of the building to the top of the window.
    Let T be the time for the stone to reach that point. g = 9.91 m/s^2
    Here is what you knmow:
    H = (1/2) g T^2
    H + 2.25 = (1/2) g (T + 0.134)^2

    Combining the two equations, you can eliminate H

    2.25 = (1/2) g [0.268 T + 0.018]
    Solve that for T; then compute H with one of the original equations.

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