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If an astronaut dropped a small rock near the surface of Pluto, how far (in m) would the rock fall in 1.1 s? (The mass of Pluto is 2.500×10-3 the mass of earth and the radius of Pluto is 0.18 of the earth's radius.)

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    g of a spherical body is proportional to M/R^2.

    Therefore, g on the surface of Pluto will be lower than that of Earth, by a factor
    2.5*10^-3*/0.18^2 = 0.077
    That means the value of g for Pluto (which I will call g') is 0.75 m/s^2

    Use the standard formula for the distance fallen:
    X = (1/2)g' t^2, where t = 1.1 s.

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