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Keeping in view the 4Ps of Marketing, describe a recent purchase you have made and suggest why that particular product was available at the store in which you made your purchase.

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    Surely you can think of this yourself.

    I am buying a 35mm slide scanner today because of Price (the have dropped from 400 dollars to 80 dollars).

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    Look up what the 4 Ps are. Got that? OK.

    Now consider something _you_ bought recently. It's likely that it'll be easier to write about something large and unusual you bought, like a pair of skis, than something small and common, like a fizzy drink, though both will work, and the common products are in many ways more interesting.

    Now consider
    a) why you wanted something like that. Is it something you always buy, or something new? Did your friends recommend it? Did you see it advertised?
    b) why you bought _that_ one, rather than something else of the same kind, a competitor brand perhaps? Had you researched it? Did you like the look of it? Was it displayed prominently? How much price difference was there vetween things like it?
    c) why the shop stocked that type, and that brand - keeping in mind that the shop wants to make a profit
    d) why you bought it in _that_ shop, rather than somewhere else

    Answer those questions, and relate each answer to one or more of the 4 Ps, then consider the market of the store whete you bought it - what is its focus? what is its catchment area? what kinds of people shop there? why did the owner choose to stock _that_ item? and display it _that_ way?

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    thanks, and good work, jim.

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    Thanks for the kind words :-)

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