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The figure below shows an object of mass M = 1,276 g. It is free to move along a horizontal, frictionless surface. This object is further connected to a second object with a mass of m = 1,362 g by means of a massless string that extends around a massless, frictionless pulley. Find the tension of the massless string.

The figure:

M is placed on a table/surface where m is hanging down with the string attaching it to M.

Thank you.

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    so m is pulling M.

    force equation:\

    mg=(M+m)a solve for a.
    Then, tension = force pulling M or M*a

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    from the FBDs wouldnt u get
    for M:
    Fy = N-WM=Ma
    for m:
    Fy= T-Wm=ma
    Fx= T-W=ma

    then solve for a in M of Fx
    and sub a into m of Fx to get T?

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    Sorry i see the mistake I made

    for m the acceleration would be negative since its moving down

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