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A terminating decimal ends after a certain finite number of decinal places, and does not have to be rounded off. An example would be 378 = 0.875

Your selfterminating decimal fractions are: 2/5, 1/25, and 7/8

So how would I form a conjecture of the terminating decimals?

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    Try to factorize the denominators of all those examples and see if you can come up with a conjecture.

    Also, have you done rational and irrational numbers?

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    More examples of other self-terminating decimals for your conjecture:
    1/16 = 0.0625
    4/250 = 0.016
    3/8 = 0.375
    17/50 = 0.34

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    Yes, I figured out the rational and irrational numbers. I din't know what conjectures were or how they related.

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    Factorize the denominators, examine the factors and see if you would discover something.

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