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A hare and a tortoise compete in a race over a course 1.20 km long. The tortoise crawls straight and steadily at its maximum speed of 0.540 m/s toward the finish line. The hare runs at its maximum speed of 9.00 m/s toward the goal for 0.800 km and then stops to taunt the tortoise. How close to the goal can the hare let the tortoise approach before resuming the race, which the tortoise wins in a photo finish? Assume that, when moving, both animals move steadily at their respective maximum speeds.

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    Let X be the distance before the finish line that the tortoise can get before the hare resumes running. The hare has 400 m to go, and will require 400/9 = 44.4 s to finish. The tortoise requires
    X/0.54 seconds to finish.
    For a close "photo finish",
    44.4 s = X/0.54 m/s
    X = 24 m

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