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1.What is the function of DNA?

2.Name 3 parts of DNA molecule

3.Describe the shape of DNA molecule


    DNA is the code from which all protein is synthesised

    Phosphate, nitrogen base, sugar

    IT is a spiral molecule consisting of two chains, connected by base pairs.

    Surely this is in your text.


    it probably is but i don't understand the material...its a university level textbook and i'm only in grade 10


    I suggest you Google the terms you don't understand. Find websites that you do understand. For instance, I Googled function DNA and found this comprehensible website.


    Ask your teacher to recommend supplemental reading material, I suspect the teacher has a library of books at varying levels. YOu may be interested in SChaumn's Outline Series, xxxx biology. Go to BarnesNoble and take a look, they are relatively inexpensive, and very helpful. XXXX is a name, probably General Biology in your case. Ask your mom to go with you.

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