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One car traveling at 55mi/h left a certai place 3h later than another car. The second car was traveling in the same direction at 40 mi/h. Inhow many hours ill the faster car ovrtae the other?

My work:

55(t-3) = 40t]
55t-165 = 40t
-55t -55t
-165 = -15t
/-15 /-15
11 = t
9 = t-3

I keep getting this answer, and my teacher told me it's worng, but I can't find what I'm doing wrong. Please HELP!!!

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    Since when is 11-3=9?
    So we all have Duh moments.
    Good work almost.

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    The wording of your problem is confusing.

    The first car (car A) traveled at 40 mph and left three hours earlier than the second car (Car B).

    Car A had traveled 120 miles when Car B left.
    After 4 hours, A went 160 miles. B went 55 miles
    5 hours: A went 200 mi. B went 110 mi.
    6 hours: A went 240 mi. B went 165 mi.
    7 hours: A went 280 mi. B went 220 mi.
    8 hours: A went 320 mi. B went 275 mi.

    Continue this chart to find your answer.
    Then go back over your equation to find your error.

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