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Homework Help: writing - pronouns

Posted by amber on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 1:10pm.

Label the pronouns on upper case, either N for nominative case, O for objective case, or POS for possessive case. Indicate the person of each pronoun, using 1, 2, and 3 to indicate first, second, and third person.

1. Why do you want to go with US?
--> objective, 1
2. The teacher said that THEY should read 25 pages a day.
--> nominative, 3
3. When will SHE come to the house to fix the pipe leak downstairs?
--> nominative, 2
4. Megan and Kevin, YOU need to find another member for the group.
--> objective, 2
5. Shannon thinks that the ring she found on the floor is YOURS.
--> possessive, 2
6. Frank thinks that HE would like to go to the mall instead of the coffeehouse.
--> nominative, 3
7. Jake, what do YOU think the class should do to help the environment?
--> nominative, 2
8. The cat wanted HIS food immediately.
--> possessive, 3
9. I feel as bad as SHE does.
--> nominative, 3
10. Thatís what she and I (<--) would like to know,
--> nominative, 1
11. Margaret and THEY are going to a field trip.
--> nominative, 3
12. Mr. Hatcher gave Mishka and ME permission
--> objective, 1
13. Letís keep it between you and ME.
--> objective, 1
14. Reba reminded THEM about the cost of concert tickets.
--> objective, 3
15. Do you want to come along with HIM?
--> objective, 3
16. The car wouldnít start because ITS battery was dead.
--> possessive, 3
17. They knew it was MY dog.
--> possessive, 2
18. Nobody hits the bullís-eye more than I (<--).
--> nominative, 1

Please check if I did this correctly and let me know if I have any mistakes. Thank you very much.

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