March 27, 2017

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David is driving at a steady 30.0 m/s when he passes Tina, who is sitting in her car at rest. Tina begins to accelerate at a steady 2.70 m/s^2 at the instant David passes. How far does Tina drive before passing David and what is her speed as she passes him?

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    Let t=0 when David passes Tina.
    Consider the speed of Tina.
    v0=0 m/s
    a=2.7 m/s²
    Assuming Tina accelerates indefinitely, at time t when she overtakes David, they would have travelled the same distance since t=0.
    Distance travelled by David
    = 30t
    Distance travelled by Tina
    =v0*t + (1/2)at²
    Equate and solve for t.
    Her speed would be a*t.

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