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CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism) plants such as the cacti differ from standard C4 plants such as corn in which of the following ways?

a. CAM plants minimize photorespiration whereas C4 plants do not.
b. CAM plants use both mesophyll and bundle sheath leaf cells for photosynthesis whereas C4 plants do not.
c. CAM plants are more efficient at producing sugar than C4 plants regardless of environmental conditions.
d. CAM plants produce a 4-carbon molecule in the first step of carbon fixation, but C4 plants do not.
e. CAM plants are limited to producing CO2 for the Calvin cycle during the day, while C4 plants produce CO2 for the Calvin cycle both during the day and at night.

I think the correct answer is E.


Which of the following has the highest photosynthetic efficiency in hot and dry environments?

a. C3 plants
b. C4 plants
c. plants undergoing photorespiration
d. plants that use oxygen to produce sugars
e. plants that only produce sugar in the dark

This one I'm not sure about at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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