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Homework Help: socials

Posted by Emma on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 7:29pm.

look up these people or places and state who or what they are:

Bastille: royal prison and fortress

Corday: a Girondist who assassinated a leading Jacobin, Jean-Paul Marat

Feudal: economic and social

Girondists: One of the most important clubs, whose members came from an area of France called Gironde

Danton: one of the radical leaders of the revolution

Jacobins: one of the most important clubs, who met at Paris monastery of Saint Jacques.

Marat: one of the radical leaders of the revolution who got murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday.

Marie: member of the Austrian royal family who married Louis XVI

Necker: new director of the treasury with Louis.

Versailles: a village in which Louis XIV built a vast palace.

Add more to these if you can, please and thank you.

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