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I need the answers and the work shown steb by step today pls^^

For each direct variation find the constant of variation.Then find the value of y when x= -5

1.y=2 whne x=7
2.y=-2 when x=2
3.y= 17 when x=-4

y varies directly with x.

1.if y=6 when x=2,find x whn y=12
2.if y=7 when x= -3,find y when x= -1

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    If there is a direct variation, then y is proportional to x. This can be written y = kx. Use the information you are given to determine k.

    1. If y = kx and y=2 when x = 7, then
    2 = 7k, and
    k = 2/7, so
    y = (2/7)x

    Whe x = -5, y = -10/7

    Do the others the same way.

    1. If y=6 when x=2, then k=3 and y = 3x.
    When x=12, y = ?

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    Well thanks but in the other questions im guessing that y stays the same so 1. will be equal to 1/2 and 2.-7/1 correct me if im wrong pls but is also suspicious because it says y varies direclty with x idk what that means

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