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You fill a small graduated cylinder with exactly 10.00 ml of distilled water with a temperature of 20.0oC which weighs 10.00 grams. You pour out the water and put in 10.00 ml of ethanol into the same graduated cylinder which weighs 7.893 grams. What is the specific gravity of ethanol?

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    density H2O @ 20o C = 10.00g/10.00 mL = 1.000 g/mL
    density EtOH @ 20o C = 7.893g/10.00 mL = 0.7893 g/mL.

    specific gravity 20oC/20oC = 0.7893 g*mL^-1/1.000 g*mL^-1 = 0.7893 (units cancel so s.g. has no units)

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