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Spanish (URGENT)

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I'm learning about the irregular verbs "Conocer" and "Saber"

The teacher told us how to differentiate between the two and when to use which.

But I still find it very difficult to know when to use which one.

Can anyone help? Are there any tricks or tips that will help?

Muchas Gracias!

  • Spanish (URGENT) -

    Both conocer and saber mean "to know" but not in the same sense and they are not interchangeable.

    Saber is to know information, a fact = either knowledge or ignorance about something.

    Conocer is to be or not to be acquainted with a person, place or thing.

    Yo sé dónde está Susana. = I know where Susan is.

    Yo conozco a Susana. = I know (have met) Susana.


  • Spanish (URGENT) -

    Saber lo vas a usar cuando haces una pregunta por ejemplo: Quisiera saber cuando entras a la universidad.

    Conocer lo vas a usar por ejemplo cuando tambien haces preguntas Quisiera conocer a tu verdaderos padres?

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