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world geography

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Thailand once served as a buffer state to prevent tensions between:
A)**colonial governments in the philippines and indochina
B)hindu and buddhist religious factions
C)french and british colonial government
D)vietnamese communist leaders.

east timors violent fight for independence devolped primarily from:
A)ethnic differences and conflicts between christians and muslims
B)u.s involement in indonesian affairs
C)** the activities of french colonist in indonesia in the 1700s
D)the rise of communism within indonesia

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    I don't see how Thailand could be a buffer state when it was much farther east of Indochina and the Philippines. Check your book to see if either B or C is the best answer.

    East Timor became independent in 2002. I doubt if activities in the 1700s could be considered a primary cause of the violence leading to independence. Please try again.

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    1)b 2)d

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    You may be right on 1. But check your book because it could be a different answer.

    The second one is wrong. I don't think you're reading your book (or even my previous answers).

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