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Im reading about the oublic and campaign finance reform and how many candidates have talked about campaign finance reform but nothing has really changed. Many say that poltical contributions have too much influence on elections and that it is a major problem for the system. Also the majority disagree with the decision that court has said that campaign spending cannot be limited because it is a matter of free speech.
so, what kind of scandal or misuse of campaign funds might be so serious that the public would actually accept public financing of campaigns or any other true reform??

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    Interesting question.

    I'd like to see the connections between the way specific Congressional representatives vote on health care and prescription drug costs and the medical and pharmaceutical industry's funds given to them.

    On the other hand, campaigning has gotten so expensive that millions of dollars are needed to elect even the best of our political leaders. Can we cut way back on campaign expenses? Do the people want to fund campaigns through their taxes?

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    very interesting, and its ture, I don't believe many people would be so happy funding campaigns through their taxes.
    thankyou for your insightful opinion :]

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    You're welcome.

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