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project please helppp me
create a road map/travel guide throught the body starting from the head finishing at your creative with how you represent cavities. include introduction and superior or cranial or inferior or caudal. and 2 body cavities

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    Couldn't cavities be ditches or caves or caverns?

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    it a project please help create a road map guide throught your body starting from your heard and finishing from your toes pleasee include this

    the 4 directional term are superior. inferior. anterior.posterior. and the two body planes are medical professionals and drawn throught an upright body.and the 2 body cavities are the thoracic cavity and dorsal cavity.

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    It might help to treat the directions in the body as you would directions on a map.

    Superior = North
    Inferior = South
    Ventral = East
    Dorsal = West

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    are macrophages, dust cells and kupffer cells the same type of cell but in different places?

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