March 29, 2017

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Can you tell me if I answered these correctly?

SCIENCE: How is the basic structure of living organisms different from that of non-living organisms?

MY ANSWER: Living things need energy, nutrients, water and sunlight. Non Living things have no life at all.

MATH: Explain how an estimate can help you decide where to place the decimal point?

My ANSWER: Actually, I was not sure how to answer this question. Can someone help me?


  • 5th grade math and science question - ,

    Your first answer is correct.

    For the math problem, you can round to get an approximate number.

    For instance if you're multiplying 3.75 by 6.0423 -- multiply 4 * 6 = 24. That tells you that the whole number is around 24.

  • 5th grade math and science question - ,

    Thank you Ms. Sue

  • 5th grade math and science question - ,

    You're welcome, Tim.

  • 5th grade math and science question - ,

    early systems for classfying plants were based on characteristics people could see easily,because?

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