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chemistry please help

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am doing my study guide for chem test - I cant find a good understadable answer for these 3

1. What is your definition of electrolysis?

2. How do you separate pure substances?

3. My book says mayonnaise is homogenous; teacher told the class it was heterogenous??? HELP

  • chemistry please help -


    2. Usually by physical or chemical means but the question is too general to give a specific answer.

    3. I would classify mayonnaise as homogeneous, also, mostly because 60 years ago, as a kid, I remember buying mayo at the store and we had to stir it before using it for sandwiches. Even stirring didn't mix the oil, egg whites, and the other ingredients. Now it is processed through homogenizing machines that REALLY do a great great job. Your teacher is calling it heterogeneous and s/he is basing his/her opinion on the fact that if you picked small enough pieces from the mixed up jar of mayo that some of the pieces would be different. But based on that, whole milk would be heterogeneous, too, although we call it homogenized. Your teacher may be picking hairs. The best advice, however, is go with your teacher now that you know the reasoning. You might ask about so-called homogenized milk just to see what answer you get.

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