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Physics - electrons/protons

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If you place a free electron and a free proton in the same electric field, how do the forces acting on them compare? How do their accelerations compare? Their directions of travel?

My answer: Direction of travel: The proton and electron would move towards each other, as the electron carries a negative charge, the proton a positive charge, and opposite charges attract.

How forces compare: I would assume the forces would be the same, since forces that act upon each other are equal.

But I am not sure about how their accelerations compare. How do they compare, and are my other two answers correct?

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    The movement answer is wrong. They will move in opposite directions, the proton will go in the direction of the E field, and the electron in the opposite direction.

    Forces are the same F=Eq

    Acceleration= F/mass

    themass of the electron is much lower, so it accelerates greatest.

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    Thanks! That made sense. I had read about the electric field, but had not really understood it. Much appreciated. Mary

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    What about magnitude of accleration

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