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evaluate if possible the function at the given values(s) of the independent variable. Simplify the results.

f(x)= square root x+5
(a) f(-4)
(b) f(11)
(c) f(-8)
(d) f(x+deltax)

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    Is f(x) sqrt(x+5) or (sqrtx) +5?

    I think they mean sqrt (x+5), because is gives integer answers in some cases.

    You can't take a square root of a negaive number.

    Just plug in the indicated number for x and perform the calculation.

    For (b), if x=11, then x + 5 = 15 and sqrt 16 = 4. They probably only want the positive square root.

    I would just leave (d) as
    sqrt (x + 5 + delta x)

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