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Posted by John on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 9:02pm.

Negotiation/Delay/Refusal Skills - Assignment

There are many ways to say ďnoĒ to pressure from a dating partner or peer. Some of the ways to do this are listed below.

For each skill, write a "pressuring statement" or one for all of them, followed by a corresponding appropriate response.

Pressuring Statement:
Letís sneak into an R rated movie tonight.

1. Giving a reason or excuse
Oh, I canít, I have lots of homework tonight. Sorry.

2. Walk away

3. Avoiding the situation

4. Changing the subject
Oh, hey, speaking of movies did you know theyíre releasing Spider Man 4 this October 10.

5. Discuss the consequences
No; I donít think thatís a good idea. We could get caught and get into a lot of trouble

6. Reverse the pressure

7. Separate the person and the activity
Youíre a really good friend; I like hanging out with you, but if youíre going to do something that may get us in trouble, then I donít want to participate in it.

8. Honest and confident
No. I donít want to sneak into a movie Iím not allowed to see. I donít want to get into trouble.

9. Delay the activity
Sorry, I canít. I have to work tonight and possible the next two nights as well. Maybe sometime next week.

Can someone help me with # 2, 3, 6?

Thank you very much.

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