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write the equation in slope-intercept form. then graph the equation.
1. 6x-4y=3
2. 2y+5x=10

can you please help me with at least one of them? thanks!

also, where it says 'then graph the equation', I know we can't graph here, so you can ignore that. but if you know any other sites that could be helpful, I would appreciate if you shared. thanks again!

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    slope intercept form means solving for y.

    y= 3/2 x-3/4
    so slope is 3/2 and y intercept is -3/4

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    regina, in the second part, you ask about the graph. When I was doing this kind of thing, I always used to calculate the x and y intercepts, and then just draw a straight line between.

    Nowadays there is "Wolfram Alpha" wolframalpha you-know-what on the net

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