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Homework Help: Geography

Posted by mysterychicken on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 4:51pm.

These are my already asked questions that I didn't find an answer to [I'm not sure why] Can someone please help with them, because my exam's due monday.

2. How has human settlement affected the natural vegetation of Western Europe?
a. People have carefully protected all of the scenic areas in Western Europe
b. Most of the natural forests in Western Europe have been cleared to make way for farms and to provide timber for field and building material.
c. Human settlement has ensured survival of Germany's Black Forest and other forest regions in Western Europe
d. Forests have been planted to replace pastures, orchards, vineyards, and gardens
I'm positive it's either a or d and i think its D...?

5. Although politically united with England since 1707, Scotland has retained all of the following EXCEPT its own
a. system of laws
b. religion
c. parliamentary system
d. system of education
I know this one's either a or c and I think it's...A?

6. Most of the Nordic region has mild marine west coast climate because
a. winds blowing over the North Sea bring abundant rain to the region
b. the warm currents of the North Atlantic Drift moderate the weather and keep the coast free of ice
c. the region lies in the northern latitudes and reaches into the Artic Circle and the polar zones
d. mountains running through the Norway prevent the warm, moist ocean winds from reaching the area


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