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Homework Help: english1A - argument/these

Posted by Kuromi on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 4:37am.

Oh shoot. I keep forgetting to change my Word document to a text document. for some reason it doesn't post here if I don't.

My introduction... let's see if this works.

Gender myths

Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish, while others do not. Whatever the case is, there are some people, whether male or female, who dress a certain way, either get mistaken for the wrong gender or the wrong sexual orientation because of their styles of dress. Just because a person wears pants, it does not mean that he or she is a boy. Also, just because a man is dressed in a feminine way, it does not make him a homosexual. Every person has their own unique personality and society should not judge a person by what is on the outside but should let people be who they want to be and accept them for who they are. Throughout history, the world has evolved and so has people. Because society is more open with expressing themselves as they are today, others should have respect and should not judge those who are different just because they do not live up to society’s expectations of what a male or female suppose to be.

I'm relating my essay to the story "Appearances" by Carment Vazquez. I wish I can link sites but this website won't let me. I would like to write my paper discussing how society should not judge others by their appearances because even though some people might appear a homosexual or whatever, it is not always the case. And I'm not sure if my argument should say that society should accept people as who they are or just talk about people being different. I'm not sure if my argument is strong enough.

The story "Appearances" is about people who are mistaken as homosexuals when their really not. Some men wear earrings, some men shave, some men wear accessories, paint their nails. Some women are tom boys. Doesn't mean they are gay. And well even if they were gay, shouldn't society accept them for who they are? Would my argument be strong enough to say that as everything around us is evolving, so is human beings, physical, mental, and spiritual, people are changing, times have changed, we aren't traditional as we use to be, every individual is unique, and society should respect one another and should not judge a person based on appearance.

And I'm not sure if I should add that society should accept one another for who they are. I know what I wrote above is really wordy, I don't expect it to be my thesis, but I'm trying to explain my idea as best as possible so that you get the picture and maybe someone can help me narrow it down more because it is a bit broad. I am not sure what is the political correct way to speak about this subject because my main focus is about mistaking people's gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

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