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Sra I read your post, and yeah I really do not know how to make the accent marks. I have a PC Windows. Can you please provide a chart for me, thanks

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    You may also want to consider adding a keyboard language to which you can switch when you type in French texts. See for example:

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    It is also possible to use unicodes to display accented characters, such as:
    "& e a c u t e ;" or "& # 1 3 0 ;" for é etc. Do not enter the double quotes nor the spaces between the double quotes.
    Note that if the code 130 is used, it will be displayed if the browser is using the "Western-8859-1" encoding. Otherwise (but rarely) it would display as a weird character. The eacute version is valid for all encodings.

    There are probably many tables around, but here's one that contains all the required characters.

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    thanks so much

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    You're welcome!

    I hope Mme Sra is not too unhappy at my rudely stealing a post addressed to her!

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