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the 6th grade has 5 days to sell tickets to a talent show. The students predict that each day they will sell 10 fewer tickets than the day before. How many must they sell on the first day if they want to sell 200 tickets?

--- do I divide 10 by 200 that would not make sense

please try to help me thanks

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    You are probably studying arithmetic sequences and series

    let the first term be a
    common difference is -10
    and the number of terms is 5
    Sn = (n/2)[2a + (n-1)d]
    200 = (5/2)[2a + 4(-10)]
    400 = 5[2a - 40]
    400 = 10a - 200
    600 = 10a
    a = 60

    So on the first day they must sell 60 tickets

    check: 60 + 50 + 40 + 30 + 20 =

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    assume that they will sell x tickets on the first day.

    Sale on second day will be x-10
    third day x-20
    fourth day x-30
    fifth day x-40

    if we add them all up

    so they have to sell 60 on the first day
    50 on the second
    40 on the third
    30 on the fourth
    and 20 on fifth day.

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    find the difference using model subtraction with renaming

  • math -

    The product of a number and seven increased by twenty-three is equal to one hundred seven.

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