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A coin slides over a frictionless plane and across an xy coordinate system from the origin to a point with xy coordinates (3.0 m, 4.4 m) while a constant force acts on it. The force has magnitude 2.3 N and is directed at a counterclockwise angle of 100° from the positive direction of the x axis. How much work is done by the force on the coin during the displacement?

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    Force vector, F:
    (2.3cos(100°),2.3sin(100°)) N
    Displacement vector, D:
    (3,4.4) m
    Work done = F.D (dot product of the two vectors) J

    A dot product between two vectors A(ax,ay) and B(bx,by) is a scaler calculated as
    A.B = ax*bx + ay*by
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