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Homework Help: english1a - topic/thesis

Posted by Kuromi on Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 2:04am.

I need to think of an argument to write about before I think of a thesis, our topic has to do with Gender Roles and Society.

this is our assignment:

Gender Roles Essay
Each society has its own definition for the proper roles of men and women, but for the most part these definitions have been surprisingly similar, at least at a general level, from society to society. Men are usually given an active role, in business, in politics, in war, and in intellectual achievement, while women are given a caretaking role in housekeeping, cooking, and childcare. Some believe that these roles are determined by natural biological characteristics, while others believe that these roles are determined by culture and education, and thus can be changed. So in the past two decades have the roles of women/men in American society changed considerably?
For your SECOND essay (3-4 pages) you will write an argument about the role of GENDER in a SPECIFIC aspect of American culture. Remember to use exact details and to focus your thesis on a particular subject, such as a form of art, a sport, a famous person, a controversial incident in the news or in history, or a cultural custom -- the more SPECIFIC, the better. If you would like to, you may use the movies we have seenr” and your journal to write your essay. You must refer to at least two writers we have read in to support your ideas on gender.
Remember that your thesis statement will state your opinion about the subject that you choose. Do not make a statement that is broad or obvious; these topics are not worth writing about.
Some questions to help:
Is your essay subject a case where an individual has difficulty fitting into an expected gender role in American culture. What is the source of this difficulty (look at the cultural/societal context)? Is there a way to fix the problem? Or do you think it would be inappropriate to change things, in this case?
Study an institution that requires differing roles for men and women. Do you think the division of gender roles, in this case, is appropriate? Why or why not?
Study a case where gender codes have changed over time. Have the codes loosened or become stricter? Why has caused this to happen?
How have changes in the role of gender in American society influenced your own life in a positive or negative way?

I'm quoting stories from:
Appearances by Carmen Vasquez
Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender by Holly Devor.

I want to write about how people appear to look a certain way (gay) but their not. I'm not sure how to narrow that down to my thesis.

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