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Homework Help: French

Posted by Anna on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 9:44pm.

1. you need to draw a representation of your body and include all the body parts that we have learned from this unit.(There are 18 body parts-include 2 additional body parts that I have given to you in class.

2. you will also need to include 8 colorful adjectives to describe your body and face. For example: you can write "les jambes jaunes, les yeux verts... Remember to make sure that your adjectives agree with the gender and the number of the body parts you are describing. You will also need to color your body parts!

3. Your project will also require 6 adjectives to describe yourself. Include one negative eepression. Par exemple: Je suis timide et belle! Je ne suis pas bete, mais je suis intelligente.

4. La partie finale: You will have to write 2 activities that you no longer do(, and 2 activities that you never do(ne...jamais). Par exemple: Je joue toujours au foo. Je ne mange plus les pommes. Je ne fait jamais de velo.

for #1:
I am going to include:"
la bouche
la cheville
la coeur
le cou
le coude
les doigts
les epaules
les genoux
la hanche
les jambes
les mains
le nez
les orteils
le pied
le poignet
la poitrine
le talon
le ventre
le visage
les yeux
les bras

does this sound good for #1, correct me if I'm wrong.

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