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5th grade Math

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Please help me with these math problems.

#1 Matt subtracted 1.9 from 20.8 and got 1.8. Explain why this is not reasonable?

#2 Explain why it is easier to find 10 minus 1.9 mentally than with paper and pencil.

#3 On May 27, 2001, a high school student ran a mile in 3 minutes 53.43 seconds. This broke the previous U.S. record of 3 minutes 55.3 seconds set in 1965. The world record in 2001 was 3 minutes 43.13 seconds.

How much faster is:

the 2001 U.S. record than the 1965 U.S. record?

the world record than the 1965 US record?

the world record than the 2001 US record?

Please show step by step. Thanks.

  • 5th grade Math -

    Tim -- please attempt to solve these problems yourself.

    If you post your answers here, we'll be glad to check them.

  • 5th grade Math -

    i was in 5th grade last year and believe me its EASIER than you will think it is!! ;)

  • 5th grade Math -

    Well Tim,
    It's actually very easy if you think abou it :)

    No. 1
    - Is obviously not reasonable right?
    The real answer is really 8.9, very diff from 1.8 right?

    Try doing the rest on your own and if you need any help just let us all know :) I am sure we will all be able to help!

  • 5th grade Math -

    195 divide by 13

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