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Consider the function below.

f(x) = [1-(4/x)]^x

(a) Use a graph to estimate the value of the limit of f(x) as x approaches infinity. (Round the answer to two decimal places.)

(b) Use a table of values of f(x) to estimate the limit. (Round the answer to four decimal places.)

  • Calculus -

    plot it on a graph in your calculator. then see the number where the line continues to stay on for a y value. for example, lets say it will go up and down but when it hits x=4 the y value is 2 and every y value after that is 2, then the limit for infinity would be 2. also...for b, to estimate the limit show really large values and show how their y values are all the same because the limit will stay the same as x will approach an infinite listing of numbers

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