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. (8 pts) In each case, consider what you know about the distribution and then explain why you would expect it to be or not to be normally distributed.

a. The lifetimes of a set of batteries manufactured by a company in your town.

b. The list of guesses of the number of marbles in a large jar is filled with marbles at a neighborhood picnic.

c. The scores at an archery contest.

d. The heights of all the 1st grade students at your school

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    It would be interesting to read your thoughts about these different situations.

    I would expact (a) and (b) to be normal distributions. (d) might be bimodal, with separate peaks for boys and girls, although heights tend to be about the same at that age. (c) might have a cluster of high scores with a rapid falloff at the high end and a slower falloff at the low scoring end of the distribution, it there are many poor archers entered.

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