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Homework Help: java programmin

Posted by jon on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 4:21pm.

You have been hired by the local library to build a small program which will assist
in calculating the fines for overdue items returned past their due date. For this
first portion of the program, you need to create a simple program which will
complete the following tasks:
• Display text to ask for the name of the item being returned, then read in
the name.
• Display text to ask for the number of days the item is overdue, then read
in the number of days overdue.
• Display text to request the amount of the fine per day (different items may
have different amounts), then read in the amount of the fine per day for
this item.
• Calculate the overdue amount for the item.
• Print out the resulting overdue amount with the name of the item, the
number of days overdue, and the amount of the total fine. The display
should print the monetary amount with the ($) indicator and 2 decimal
places (i.e. “Checking in the item <<item name>>, which was <<days
overdue>> days overdue. The total fine is $0.02”

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