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Algebra 2

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1. Plane A is 40 mi south and 100 mi east of Plane B. Plane A is flying 2 miles west for every mile it flies north, while Plane B is flying 3 mi east for every mile it flies south.

a. Where do their paths cross?

b. Which plane must fly farther?

c. What ratio of the speed of Plane B to the speed of Plane A would
produce a midair collision?

  • Algebra 2 -

    Start by drawing a diagram of the situations, such as:
    a. The point where the two paths cross is at (-40,20) relative to plane A. (Check my graphical solution).
    b. not sure what exactly is requested.
    Either plane A can fly further south, or plane B a little further north, or they can avoid each other by changing altitudes.
    c. The deadly ratio can be found by calculating the distances of each plane from the intersection point (-40,20). If the speeds are inversely proportional to the distance, it is likely to have a mid-air collision.

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