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You have a 22L cylinder of helium at a pressure of 150atm and a temperature of 31C. How many ballons can you fill, each with a volume of 5.0L, on a day when the atmospheric pressure is 755mmHg and the temperature is 22C?

I know I use PV=nRT, but what numbers do I plug in and why couldn't I use p1v1/t1=p2v2/t2?

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    You may use the other formula if it's easier for you and you plug in the right numbers. DON'T use 5.0 L as V2 and you must change one of the pressures to make the same unit (150 atm must be changed to mm or 755 mm must be changed to atm). And T must be in Kelvin.
    For PV = nRT
    150 atm = P
    V = 22 L
    n = ??
    R = 0.08205
    T = 31 + 273 = 304.

    Then use PV = nRT again.
    P = 755 mm = 755/760 = ?? atm.
    V = solve for this.
    n = use from calculation above.
    R = same constant as above.
    T = 22 + 273 = 295

    Then use the volume from this last calculation to determine how many 5.0 L balloons can be filled.

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