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Chemistry II

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Acetone, C3H6O, is the main ingredient of nail polish remover. A solution is made up by adding 35.0mL of acetone(d=0.790g/mL) to 50.0mL of ethyl alcohol,C2H6O(d=0.798 g/mL). Assume that the volumes are additive. From this information calculate the molarity of acetone in the solution.

ok, I got .0046mol/l, is that correct?

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    No, I don't think so.
    grams acetone = volume x density = 35.0 mL x 0.790 g/mL = 27.65 grams.

    moles acetone = g/molar mass = 27.65/58.09 = 0.476.

    molarity = moles/L = 0.476/0.085 = 5.5998 which rounds to 5.60 M.

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