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Geometry again

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Find the measure of angle T if the measure of angle T is 20 more than 4 times its supplement.

  • Geometry again -

    the supplement of T is 180-T

    T = 4(180-T) + 20
    T = 720 - 4T + 20
    5T = 740
    T = 148

    so the supplement is 32

    Check T = 148
    is that 20 more than 4(32) ? Yes!

    (In the previous reply you stated that you don't know how to solve the equation I gave you.
    I don't understand how you can do any of these questions if you don't know how to solve simple equations.)

  • Geometry again -

    well tha answer to that statement is im not very good at math at all. I hve a 65 right now. so I hope that helps you understand!!

  • Geometry again -

    thank you so much

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